Ducati 916

Ducati 916 1990s Italian superbike

The Ducati 916 took motorcycle visuals to another level. It is ranked among the most beautiful bikes ever built. Launched in ’94, its designer was Massimo Tamburini. He had been a co-founder of Bimota – specialist builders extraordinaire.

Tamburini’s trademark styling cues were all over the 916. From its seductive snub nose – through the curves of its bodywork – to its pert tail-piece and silencers. It was so slim, it was scary! The tubular steel frame was not one millimetre wider than required. The 916 weighed in at just 429lb … absurdly light for a bike of its size.

Engine-wise, too, the 916 scaled heights. Its torque-laden 90° V-twin made 114bhp. Top speed was 160mph. The 916’s chassis/suspension geometry absorbed corners. Lean it as far as you dare … you would not find its limits. The bike’s single-sided swing-arm said it all – both technically and aesthetically. As you would expect, such a classy package was a raging success, in the showrooms. When it came to the Ducati 916, Tamburini broke the motorbike mould!

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